Crime Reduction Partnership

The Sheffield Crime Reduction Partnership tackles business crime across the city. Partners include ourselves, retailers, South Yorkshire Police, pubs and clubs and the Salvation Army.

Training packages for members

Free training is available to members and is individually tailored to meet your business requirements. Training can range from how to use a radio, how to deal with shoplifters, conflict management and crime reduction advice to business continuity planning.

Training can be provided out of hours to suit your business needs and a pre-visit by ourselves will be made to ensure that all your training needs are encompassed in the package.

Intelligence meetings

Intelligence meetings are held on a monthly basis at the Orchard Square Management Suite to discuss individuals and to share photographs of prolific current offenders.

Attendees include store detectives, security staff, South Yorkshire Police, retail staff and store managers.

This meeting is strictly for members only. For security reasons, please contact us for details of when the next meeting will take place.

Radio equipment requirements

To take part in City Retailers Against Crime schemes, you will need radio equipment.

Recommended model

The Partnership recommends Motorola DP4400 radios for use on all its radio schemes. This radio is fully compatible with the Partnership schemes.

Stun codes

These enable the individual radio to be ‘stunned’ from the system remotely and removed from service until such time that the crime reduction manager feels sure it is safe to put the equipment back live on the system.

This operation is fully reversible and easy to do. The stun facility is in place in case of loss of the equipment or its acquisition by unwanted individuals. The unit is then rendered useless until such time that the radio is back with the member.

Identification facility

The identification facility enables the radio to be ‘identified’ on the control room base station by showing the call sign and premises details on an LCD display. This function enables the Partnership to identify anyone who is misusing the radio equipment for any reason or to advise anyone who has accidentally transmitted on the system and whose transmission button has remained pressed, thus preventing urgent information and messages from being transmitted.

Any new member interested in joining the scheme and who has existing radio equipment is advised to contact Mick Platts to check on its capabilities. It may save your business money.

All radios must be chipped to the scheme frequencies by the Partnership. This is to ensure the security of the frequencies and network.

Anyone found to have chipped radios on to any of the Partnership frequencies will be removed immediately and reported to Ofcom, the Office of Communications who regulate the industry.

Join the Crime Reduction Partnership
  • decide which scheme is relevant to your organisation
  • complete the relevant application form below
  • return the application form along with a cheque for the appropriate amount to the address on the form

Schemes you can join

City centre retailers/business

This scheme links retail premises, businesses, South Yorkshire Police, City Centre Ambassadors and our CCTV to each other via personal radios.

The aim of this scheme is the prevention and detection of crime within city centre retail premises and businesses as well as anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

City centre evening economy

This scheme links licensed premises to South Yorkshire Police and our CCTV and is aimed at assisting all those involved in managing the behaviour of individuals linked to the evening ceremony in the city centre.

Contact City Centre Management

Moor Markets Management Suite
77 The Moor
S1 4PF

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