Civil funeral arrangements

A civil funeral service offers an alternative to a traditional religious funeral service, giving you the opportunity to choose a highly personal way of saying goodbye to a loved one. One of our funeral celebrants will arrange to see you at your home or at the Register Office, where they will encourage you to be fully involved in ‘designing’ the ceremony.

Your ceremony can include family tributes, personal memories and anecdotes together with favourite music and readings. A commemorative copy of the ceremony will be presented to the family.

A civil funeral service can either take place at the same time as the burial or cremation, at a later date as a memorial service, or when scattering or burying the ashes. A civil funeral service can take place at any suitable venue other than a place reserved for religious funeral services.


A full civil funeral or memorial service costs £135. Short remembrance services, such as scattering of ashes, costs £70.

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