How to use your bins - houses

Each house has a blue bin and a brown bin for recycling and a black bin for other household waste.

If you live in a flat you will share your bins with other residents. Find out how to use your bins in flats.

What goes in your bins

Each bin is for a different type of waste:

  • your brown bin is for glass, cans and plastic bottles
  • your blue bin is for paper and card
  • your black bin is for general household rubbish
The brown bin is for glass, cans and plastic bottle, your blue bin is for paper and card and your black bin is for general household rubbish

Other recycling

Other types of recycling including textiles and plastic items such as tubs, pots and food trays can be taken to a Recycling Site.

Soft plastics like carrier bags, bread bags and crisp packets can be recycled at supermarkets.

Please return any unwanted prescribed medicines and medicines you buy to any pharmacy for safe disposal. This can include items such as:

  • creams
  • tablets
  • patches
  • liquids
  • inhalers

Bin collections

One of your bins will be emptied every week.

Your brown bin and your blue bin will be emptied every 4 weeks. Your black bin will be emptied every 2 weeks. Bin collections follow this pattern:

  • blue bin
  • black bin
  • brown bin
  • black bin

You need to put the right bin out on the pavement by 7am on your collection day. After collection, you need to return your bin to your property before 9am the following day.    

Help putting your bins out

We can help you put your bins out if your age or medical condition makes it difficult for you.

How to make sure your bins are emptied

When using your bins, please be aware that:

  • your bins can't be emptied if they are too heavy or if they are over-full and the lid isn't closed properly
  • you should not put extra waste or recycling next to your black or brown bin as this will not be taken.
  • you can put extra paper and card out for collection next to your blue bin.  Just make sure it is neatly bundled, tied with string and is no bigger than your blue bin.  
  • your recycling cannot be mixed together in the same container. Paper and card need to go in your blue bin.  Glass bottles and jars, tins, cans and plastic bottles need to go in your brown bin
  • recycling should be placed loose inside your recycling bins – no plastic bags
  • we can only accept plastic bottles (with your glass and cans) in your brown bin. If your bin contains other plastic items it may not be emptied.

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