Govroam: free Wi-Fi for the public sector

Govroam allows guests to connect to a special network in Sheffield City Council buildings and countless others around the UK. 

These buildings will be owned by other central or local government departments, including the NHS.

It is available for any guests who work for Govroam enabled organisations. This includes the NHS, universities, and other local councils.

It is faster than guest Wi-Fi networks and mobile broadbands. It is also more reliable.

How guests connect

It is available at most Sheffield City Council buildings. There is a map and list of all Govroam enabled venues on this page you can view.

You can connect to the Govroam Wi-Fi network when in any of these buildings. You need to enter your full work email address and the password you use to access your emails. This might be your laptop password.

If you have already connected to Govroam at another organisation before, your device might connect automatically.

What organisations are enabled for Govroam

A list of all organisations who are enabled for Govroam is available on Jisc.

Where is Govroam available

There are over 100 Govroam enabled buildings around Sheffield. All of them can be found on the Jisc Govroam Map.

To search locally, enter Sheffield in the search bar and zoom in. This will show you all of the city’s Govroam locations.

If you would prefer to have a list of the current locations in Sheffield, or if you cannot use the map, please email

If you cannot connect

If you have any issues connecting to Govroam in a Sheffield City Council building, speak to one of our staff, and we they will refer you to our IT team.

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