Digital Connectivity Strategy

Sheffield does not have the digital connectivity that its residents, businesses and public services need. We lag behind other towns and cities. We want to change this and become recognised as one of the best connected cities in the Country. If we implement the 15 projects listed in the Digital Connectivity Strategy then we will achieve that in 3 years.

These projects do not cost us any more money, but they will generate up to £1.3 billion of economic value over 15 years. We have consulted with government and the telecommunications industry, they all support our strategy.

Our Vision

By 2021 Sheffield will be recognised as one of the best connected cities in the country. We'll be a city where coverage, choice and speed of communication stays ahead of demand, and where connectivity enables residents and businesses to use digital solutions to improve their lives and to sustain, grow and create new business.

Our strategic themes

Access for All: Increase coverage and take-up across the whole of the city

We want to provide everyone in Sheffield with access to superfast broadband in the short term, and full fibre gigabit broadband in the longer term. We also want to find ways of providing free of charge access to the internet where we can, such as in the city centre through the wi-fi service.

Economic Growth: Business connectivity and support for competitive advantage

For many years our priority has been to provide local businesses with access to the best broadband available, with voucher schemes to subsidise the connection costs, and with support programmes to help them to adopt and exploit all things digital.

Innovation: Adopt the latest technology innovations at an early stage

Sheffield enjoys excellent coverage of superfast broadband and 4G. We are now working hard to improve coverage of the latest networks and services - including full fibre gigabit broadband, 5G and the ‘Internet of Things’.

Exploit Public Assets: Reuse City infrastructure to deliver quickly and economically

We own thousands of assets across the city - street lights, CCTV columns, admin buildings etc. We will work with the telecommunications industry to ensure that these assets are reused to provide residents and businesses with access to the best connectivity available.

Enables Wider Benefits

Our final objective is to provide residents, businesses, public services, education, health, housing, transport and other sectors with the connectivity that they need to deliver their products and services. By doing this we'll enable wider benefits to be realised such as digital inclusion, public service transformation and ‘smart city’ Initiatives.

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