Apply for a permit for Hillsborough Langsett Road bus and tram gate

The bus or tram gate on Langsett Road is just beyond Ripley Street and is usually limited to public transport and taxis.

A permit to drive through the bus or tram gate at Langsett Road (outbound only) is available for residents of the following roads:

  • Rudyard Road
  • Rudyard Mews
  • Treswell Crescent
  • Rider Road
  • Haggard Road
  • Kipling Road

Each permit is valid for 12 months. Without a permit, residents can't use the bus or tram gate. The permit is issued virtually so you don’t need to display it in your vehicle.

Who can't apply for the permit

We can't provide permits for visitors to properties, delivery vehicles, or short term hire or lease cars (unless registered at an address on one of the eligible roads).

Where you can't use the permit

The permit doesn't allow the holder to use other bus or tram gates in Hillsborough or elsewhere in Sheffield. This includes the inbound bus or tram gates on Holme Lane or Middlewood Road.

If holders do use these gates (when signs say they shouldn't) we may consider withdrawing their permit completely.

Withdrawing permits

Your permit will be invalid if:

  • you are not a resident of one of the above roads
  • you cause or allow the letter of exemption to be used for reward
  • in our opinion the use of the exemption has been abused

If any of this takes place we may cancel your permit and you will not be allowed to use Langsett Road bus gate. You could be issued a bus lane fine if you drive through without a valid permit.

What proof is required in your application

Proof of vehicle ownership

You would need to provide us with an electronic copy of one of the following:

  • registration document (V5)
  • vehicle insurance certificate
  • lease agreement in your name
  • letter on company headed paper verifying that you work for them with the V5 or the vehicle lease document  (if you use a company car)

Proof of address

We also need one proof of address:

  • most recent utility bill
  • tenancy agreement (witnessed and signed)
  • current household contents insurance policy
  • current vehicle insurance certificate or schedule
  • bank statement or credit card bill dated or showing transactions from the last 2 months (block out your account details)
  • payslip, pension slip, benefits notification letter or Inland Revenue notice of bill coding dated within the last 2 months (block out any personal details)

Apply for a permit

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