Public electric vehicle chargepoints in Sheffield

We are aware of issues currently affecting the rapid charging network and are working to resolve this as soon as possible

We want to support people switching to electric vehicles. To do this we want to increase the number of electric vehicle chargepoints in the city to give residents, businesses and visitors greater confidence in using electric vehicles.

Find our chargepoints

We have installed public electric vehicle chargers in a range of locations across the city.  They make it easy to upgrade to an electric vehicle without the need for a home chargepoint.

The chargers are located in Council car parks and on-street parking across the city, including locations in the city centre. We are expanding our network of charges in council car parks this year and are also actively exploring options for the future.

You can search for electric chargepoints (including those not installed by the Council) on a range of websites including Zap-Map and Plugshare.

Tell us where you think public electric vehicle chargepoints should be

You can tell us where you think chargepoints should be in Sheffield by dropping a pin on the Electric Vehicle Public Charger Demand Tracker map.

We will use the information you give us to help inform future planning and development to best support all users and give residents, businesses and visitors greater confidence in using electric vehicles.

The Council does not intend to approve requests for the installation of:

  • private electric vehicle chargepoints in public highways
  • communally owned electric vehicle chargepoints in public highways

Street Light Column Electric Vehicle Charging Trial

We are currently exploring a trial to understand the potential for electric vehicle charging from street light columns in Sheffield, subject to available funding and resources. This would help us to work through the technical issues associated with charging from Sheffield’s existing infrastructure and understand the commercial viability as well as practical issues with the approach.

Installing an electric chargepoint on your property

If you have access to off street parking such as a driveway or garage at home you may be able to install your own home electric vehicle charge point on your property.

Planning permission is not generally required as long as the area is lawfully used for off–street parking.  However certain criteria must be met for the installation to be considered permitted development. 

Guidance on planning requirements can be found on the Planning Portal.

Please be aware that we are not able to advise on particular suppliers or installation.

Council Housing tenants

In general, tenants may be able to install a charging point if they have adequate off-street parking or hard-standing at their property. This ensures you can store your vehicle off the highway and that trailing cables do not pose any health and safety hazards.

Tenants can apply to install an electrical vehicle charger at home. Applications should be submitted in writing:

A dedicated officer will be assigned to assess the application.

Trailing cables

Charging your vehicle by trailing a cable across the pavement, or hanging it overhead, is considered a hazard and not permitted even with the use of cable protectors or ramps. 

If you do:

  • any legal liability arising from the placement of a cable or protector, such as injury to a member of the public or damages to the public highways, is your responsibility
  • Sheffield City Council has existing powers under Section 162 of the Highways Act to seek to have the cable removed
  • failure to remove the cable could result in a fine upon conviction under Section 162 and / or Section 178 of the Highways Act

Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions such as cable channels and gulleys will be kept under review as the outcomes of trials are further understood, technology developed and practical issues explored.

You cannot currently install a cable gully or channel in the public highway.

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