Students living in Sheffield can use our student sack collection service to get rid of any waste that won’t fit inside their bins at the end of the academic year.

The service will take place between 15 June and 5 July 2020. How to use it:

  • you must register to use the service and we will provide you with a collection notice to attach to each bin bag
  • we will collect up to 2 bin bags per student and you need to provide your own bin bags (from a supermarket or hardware store)
  • the bags should be 50 litres maximum of any colour and tied at the top
  • put your sacks out for collection on the pavement between 15 June and 5 July. If you live in this area you can put your sacks out on any black bin collection day between these dates
  • if you live on a street outside the area you need to put your bags out for collection before 7am on any of the black bin collection days you have scheduled between the 15 of June and 5 of July

Don't put waste out for collection that is not in one of your two registered sacks. Any waste you put out for collection that is not in a sack, including large items like furniture, will be classed as flytipping and you may be fined.

What you should do with any other waste

If you have additional waste or large items that will not fit inside your black bin, you can arrange a bulky waste collection. You have to pay to use this service and you may want to discuss splitting the cost with your housemates. 

We can't advise you to take items to a donation scheme or charity shop as the majority of these are currently closed. However, we will update this page if that changes so check back before disposing of any items that may be suitable. 

You should plan for how you will dispose of your waste before leaving your house or flat - the waste you produce is your responsibility and failure to dispose of it correctly may result in it being treated as flytipping and you may be fined.

Contact Veolia Waste Collection and Recycling