Carers' Strategy

A carer is someone who looks after a person, a family member or friend because that person would not be safe and well without their help.

Carers are really important to families and friends. Providing care is an integral part of life and many people have told us through consultation that they want to provide care for someone, but they aren't able to or don't have as much time to give to caring as they would like.

In this strategy we're setting out an ambitious plan for every carer to have:

  • a life of their own
  • the choice to care and stop caring without recrimination
  • equality of opportunity to life chances including education, training, work and leisure activities

Our Carers' Strategy will enable families to stay well and tackle financial hardship. By 2020 every carer should have appropriate opportunities to:

  • access at the right time the type of information and advice they need for themselves, their family and the person they care for
  • understand their rights and have access to an assessment
  • have a voice for themselves and the person they care for
  • have regular and sufficient breaks
  • continue to learn and develop, train or work (if they wish to)
  • look after their own health

For more information please refer to our Adult Carers' Action Plan and our Young Carer, Parent and Adult Carer Strategy (2016-2020).

Adult Carers' Action Plan

The current Adult Carers' Action Plan aims to ensure the six principles of Sheffield's Young Carer, Parent and Adult Carer Strategy are being put into action, and that the views of adult carers in Sheffield are being acted upon.

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