School catering

Taylor Shaw provides the Sheffield Schools' Catering Contract. The contract runs from 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2025. It provides meals in 92 schools across the city.

Food quality

Your child is served freshly-cooked, high-quality food. This includes farm-assured meats (Red Tractor accredited), free range eggs and sustainably-sources fish (Marine Stewardship Council accredited).

The meals don’t contain any genetically-modified foods or mechanically-recovered meat.

All meals meet government School Food Standards for healthy meals. Taylor Shaw develops innovative ways of increasing the quantity of fruit and vegetables in the meals.

Medical diets

If your child has medical dietary needs these can be provided for. Taylor Shaw’s team includes a dedicated Dietitian in Sheffield who can support bespoke menus.

Meals in Special Schools

Each Special School that receives a service from Taylor Shaw has a menu that suits pupil needs. Parents and school staff can advise on medical dietary requirements.

Cultural or religious diets

Schools can contact Taylor Shaw about menus for cultural or religious diets. They will work with schools to adapt the menu where appropriate.

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