Report graffiti

We will remove graffiti from items on roads or pavements (the 'highway') eg litter bins, road signs, lighting, as well as from bridges and subways. 

We can also remove graffiti for free from privately owned houses but we charge to remove it from commercial premises, privately rented accommodation, schools etc.

If you know who is adding the graffiti, please call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Removal of graffiti from privately owned houses

We can remove graffiti for free from privately owned houses, so long as:

  • the property is within the Sheffield city boundary
  • the owner has requested the work and where necessary, signed our Indeminity form
  • a site visit has confirmed that the graffiti can be accessed and our equipment can remove it

We cannot guarantee that the process will be successful. Occasionally the type of paint/ink or surface will not clean properly. 

Removal of graffiti from commercially owned premises

We can remove graffiti or fly posters from commercial premises, privately rented accommodation, schools etc.  We can also apply anti-graffiti coatings, which mean that cleaning is simpler and quicker in the future.

Removal of graffiti from council housing

Minor graffiti removal is carried out by the estate maintenance team.

Grafitti on Openreach cabinets

If you spot any unsafe, damaged or vandalised equipment which you think belongs to Openreach, it’s important that you report it. Damaged or vandalised green cabinets, including graffiti, can be reported directly to Openreach.

We do not remove graffiti from Network Rail, Supertram, Virgin Media, electric/gas substations or waterways.  Please report these to the individual operators.

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