Apply for a Section 278 agreement

Developers can apply for a Section 278 agreement (or S278) to make permanent alterations or improvements to a public highway, usually as part of a planning approval. A S278 is a section of the Highways Act 1980 that allows developers to enter into a legal agreement with us (in our capacity as the Highway Authority).

Examples of work covered by a S278 include:

  • new or changed access into a development site (ie a bell mouth, roundabout, signalised junction, right turn lane or a simple priority junction)
  • new/alteration of signalised crossings or junctions close to the development site

Work affecting the highway can only begin when both the following have happened:

  • S278 agreement is signed by the developer and us (and the surety, if appropriate)
  • all pre-commencement requirements listed in the S278 agreement have been met and approved by us

In Sheffield, we normally use S278 agreements to allow developers to employ a road works contractor and for that contractor to carry out the works. The developer is responsible for all aspects of the works on the public highway, from the design through to supervising construction and ensuring that the works are completed to our satisfaction.

How to apply for a S278 agreement

Please read the S278 agreements - guidance for developers document. This provides all the information you need in the first instance.

You can apply for a S278 agreement online.

What happens next

Once we've received your application, we will contact you with details of how to proceed.

S38 applications

To apply for a S38 agreement, please email

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