Request sandbags during flooding incidents

If you require sandbags, you can ask our Streets Ahead Team by calling 0114 273 4567 and selecting option 1, then option 2. We will try to take your call, and we appreciate your patience during busy periods. Please do not turn up at Olive Grove Depot, please call the number above.

You will be responsible for placing sandbags in position on site, but if you are not able to please tell us during your call.

The call operator will ask you about your circumstances. We cannot guarantee that sandbags will be delivered or available to all. We will only be able to consider delivering sandbags, based on priority and risk, to the following properties:

  1. key installations such as emergency service premises, hospitals and Council buildings essential to enable appropriate response to the emergency
  2. critical infrastructure such as electricity sub stations
  3. the principal transport network
  4. domestic properties that are in imminent danger of internal flooding. Priority will be given to those residents and properties considered most at risk
  5. small businesses or shops that are in imminent danger of internal flooding

Due to the limited number of phone lines and resources, please try to avoid calling if your property is not in this priority list.

We cannot accept requests to provide sandbags for:

  • non-residential outbuildings, garages, sheds or gardens
  • commercial or industrial properties except small business premises or shops

If we agree to try and provide you with sandbags, our contractor Amey may attempt to deliver them. Or, if distribution points have been established, you may ask you to collect them if you are able.

Depending on the severity and scale of the flood event, demand may exceed supply, there may be significant delays in delivery and there could be restrictions on the number of sandbags we can provide.

Preparing your property for flooding

We strongly recommend that businesses and residential properties at risk of flooding develop their own flood plan, to consider adopting appropriate risk alleviation measures well in advance and before the onset of flooding. Find out more about flood preparation on the government’s website.

What to do with sandbags during and after flooding

Sandbags may not be fully effective in holding back flood water, especially once they have been used. They are the responsibility of the property owner to either re-use them or dispose of in a legal manner. Sandbags are heavy and due care should be taken when lifting or moving them. Contamination of sandbags with oil or sewage can occur and appropriate hygiene precautions should be taken during and after handling.

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