Community safety in Sheffield

The Safer Sheffield Partnership (formerly known as the Community Safety Partnership) has a statutory duty to address and reduce community safety issues in Sheffield.

The Partnership is made up of public service organisations in the city, with representatives from the private and voluntary sectors. It is jointly chaired by the Chair of the Communities, Parks and Leisure Committee and South Yorkshire Police Chief Superintendent. 

Our approach is to work together on a set of joint priorities so we can use our resources most effectively. Together, these priorities form the Sheffield Crime Reduction Strategy.

Sheffield Crime Reduction Strategy 2021 – 2025

Following research, the following priorities have been identified for the next 3 years:

  • Protect vulnerable people - safeguarding the health and well being of vulnerable people from the threat and risk posed by crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Address the impact of crime - protect our communities from the impact of crime and support criminal justice colleagues to address offending behaviour
  • Address the impact of anti-social behaviour - this behaviour covers a wide range of incidents including noise complaints, motorcycle nuisance and deliberate fires
  • Tackle the supply of drugs - by disrupting criminal gangs, protecting vulnerable people and providing valuable support to drug users
  • Create safer communities - we will support communities to recover from the impact of Covid; we will reduce reoffending and criminality by channelling offenders into positive lifestyles and support them on their journey to rehabilitation
  • Reduce violence against women and girls - violence against women and girls is unacceptable and preventable. The range of crimes is many and varied including rape and other sexual offences, stalking, domestic and ‘honour based’ abuse

​​​​Read more about how we came up with these priorities and how we plan to achieve these in our Safer Sheffield Partnership Plan.

Get involved

The next phase of the plan will focus on opportunities for the citizens of Sheffield to get involved and influence the delivery of actions aimed at addressing community issues.

We will be working closely with the city’s new Local Area Committees to increase direct consultation and collaborative working with our communities. As part of this, we will create local Action Plans with the Local Area Committees providing the forum for discussion, joint working and scrutiny.

You can find out more about your own Local Area Committee and how to become directly involved in community safety below.

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