Estate maintenance and services

We want to make sure that all our tenants and residents get a first class service. We aim to maintain the highest possible standard of cleanliness in block cleaning.

We’ll keep clean:

  • stairs
  • windows
  • railings
  • internal walkways
  • lifts
  • walls
  • doors
  • lobby areas

We’ll also take prompt action to ensure that:

  • blocked rubbish chutes are cleared
  • dangerous items are removed
  • fly tipped/dumped items are removed
  • graffiti is removed
Your responsibilities
  • please do not fly tip/dump black bags or other waste in the communal areas or next to the rubbish chutes or bin rooms
  • please dispose of your refuse properly using the rubbish chutes or bins provided
  • please take larger items of waste to Dump-it sites, alternatively, please contact Veolia for the removal of bulky items
Communal cleaning

If you live in a tower block, flat or maisonette of four storeys or more, our aim is to clean the communal landings and stairwells once a week.

During this period, the cleaning operatives will:

  • inspect the property and assess cleaning requirements
  • remove all litter from the building
  • sweep and mop floors
  • wash/wipe walls and handrails
  • wash/wipe accessible internal windows
  • remove all needles and syringes
  • wipe external surfaces of light covers
  • rotate bins which are full
  • report any blocked refuse chutes
Bin chutes

Bin chutes are used across the city mainly in tower and maisonette blocks for residents to dispose of household waste.  If you are one of the many residents who do use bin chutes you can help us! You can do this by following the advice below.

  • only dispose of household waste in small quantities. Anything larger than a carrier bag can block the chutes which can cause an inconvenience to you, as well as other users of the chutes
  • if you would like to collect your waste in a larger bag before visiting the chute, please leave it untied and empty the contents of the bag down the chute. You can either reuse your bag or dispose of it down the chute
  • please ensure dangerous objects such as broken glass are not thrown down the chutes. This can cause injury to others
  • if you have access to a dry store room please use this to dispose of larger items that do not fit down the chute or could contribute to a blockage. You could also call the Veolia bulky refuse service.  Veolia will collect larger items such as furniture, TV’s etc.
  • please tear your boxes in to small pieces and recycle in your paper bin. Only place your torn boxes in the chutes if it is unavoidable
  • please put wet waste (such as tea bags, peelings, leftovers) into small bags before disposing of them in the chute
  • if you have a paper bin in or around your block, you can use your recycling bag to separate your waste paper from the rest of your general waste. This will help you to reduce the amount of waste you put into the chute and help to prevent blockages. It is also good for the environment
  • if there is no paper bin near your block, why not kick start the recycling bug in your neighbourhood by requesting a paper bin from Veolia.  Make sure you suggest a site and they will provide a paper bin if they can
Disposal of bulky items

If you have access to transport, you can dispose of bulky items at a Household Waste Recycling Centre, operated by Veolia Environmental Services.

Smaller items can be put in your property’s black wheeled bin.

If you live in a house, Veolia offer a bulky item collection.  During any 12 month period, only the first bulky refuse collection you request is free.  After this, there is a charge for each further collection.

If you live in a flat, maisonette or tower block, many large blocks of flats and maisonettes have a dry store facility in which you can place your unwanted bulky items. If there is no dry store in your block, please contact us for advice on alternative means of disposal. 

Trees, gardens and grounds

We have a range of services and schemes to keep our estates as attractive and pleasant as possible for everyone who lives and works on them.

For example, we will:

  • sweep and clear litter from communal car parks, paved areas and drying areasRemove litter from grassed areas and shrub beds
  • remove/cut back bushes and shrubs to ensure that all areas are clear and safe to access
  • ensure grass cuttings are swept off access paths
  • remove dumped rubbish within one working day
  • remove needles and syringes within half a working day
  • paint out or remove offensive graffiti within one working day and other graffiti within two working days

Please help us to look after your estate by reporting any issues to us straightaway, by phone, email, online or in person at one of our offices. 

Contact Council Housing Service

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