Request an Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review (ASB Case Review)

If you have reported anti-social behaviour and you are concerned that not enough is being done, you can raise a 'Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review (ASB Case Review)', formerly known as a 'Community Trigger'.

The ASB Case Review gives you, or someone acting on your behalf, the right to request a review of your case by ourselves, the Police and any other relevant organisations. The review will focus on working together to find a solution.

To use the ASB Case Review, the following threshold must apply:

  • you have reported 3 separate incidents relating to the same or similar issue of anti-social behaviour within the last 6 months

If you request an ASB Case Review and you meet the above criteria, we will ensure that our relevant teams carry out a thorough review of your case, alongside the Police and other organisations which have been involved.

Depending on who you have reported the issue to and who has been involved, this might include:

  • our Council Housing Service
  • our Environmental Protection Service
  • your landlord if you are a housing tenant

We will then let you know our findings and tell you what will happen next.

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