Find a property's planning history

If you wish to find out the planning history of a property or site, there are various ways of doing this. Please consider which of the following search options is most suitable for your needs.

Property purchases

When purchasing a property a comprehensive or an expedited search may be required. Please contact our Local Land Charges team for more information.

Planning history requests

This service is restricted to planning histories and enforcement cases. It covers the period from 2001 to the present date. Should you wish to extend your history to 1975 there will be an additional charge applied.

To request a planning history search a covering letter is needed with a 1:1250 location plan along with a payment of £25 for domestic straight forward postal address or £50 for commercial searches (including VAT).

Please allow for 5 working days after payment is made for your searches to be completed

Complex searches will attract a higher charge by arrangement. For these enquiries please contact our Records and Enquiries Team.

Search in person – complex sites

For straight forward numbered properties 1975-2005 this can be arranged in person at First Point by filling in a form and giving application numbers. Files cannot be viewed until authorisation has been approved by senior managers.

Alternatively, if you know the application number then fill out the request form and email it to We will contact you to let you know when you can view the file.

For complex sites you will need an appointment to view the register please contact our Records and Enquiries Team.

We are able to provide up to 10 minutes free help but anyone requiring further assistance will have to pay in advance.

All historic planning applications from 1998 – 2003 are now located on a public PC in First Point, Howden House.

Contact Planning Enquiries

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