Castlegate Master Plan & Vision

The Castlegate Quarter is one of the oldest areas of Sheffield, the site of the old Norman fortress and the main market area of the original settlement. The quarter is seen as an important gateway to the city centre.

Castlegate Master Plan

The Castlegate Master Plan (Policy and Development Framework document) was developed by EDAW consultants and approved at Cabinet in March 2006. The plan provides a vision for the quarter, and will be used by us to guide future development.

History of Castlegate

The markets and the castle have dominated the character and appearance of the Castlegate area for over 700 years. It is now agreed that the markets will move out of the area but possibly regain its historic castle remains.

New focus

Castlegate now needs to find a new role not related to the markets. The plan provides a vision for this new role, based on several key drivers for the area:

  • reconnecting the Castle and the Riverside
  • introducing new uses
  • transformational project around the Castle
  • managing public transport
  • building on strengths

The Castlegate Master Plan considers how the original historic core of the city can redevelop to become one of the most interesting, diverse and vibrant parts of Sheffield.

Castlegate will become a new destination for offices, homes, leisure, entertainment and retail uses, riverside terraces, public spaces celebrating Sheffield’s history.

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