Brightside Shiregreen Master Plan

The Master Plan is perhaps better described as a ‘Neighbourhood Development Framework’. It sets a vision for how people want their community to look and feel. A group of Master Plans are then put together to form an Area Development Framework, this time for Brightside Shiregreen.

Creating sustainable neighbourhoods

We are trying to create ‘sustainable neighbourhoods’ which address social, economic and environmental issues. The neighbourhood and area development frameworks will cover:

  • Transport
  • Facilities
  • Services
  • Housing
  • Neighbourhood centres
  • Green environment

We worked alongside consultants Fluid to make the most of the Master Planning budget and opportunity by:

  • Involving local people and partners to set the vision and framework reports for the projects that will follow
  • Developing plans at a neighbourhood level as well as a framework for the whole area
  • Broadening the scope of the work to encompass services as well as physical change, bringing all plans and strategies into a single picture
  • Focusing any consultants on specific tasks rather than asking them to come up with the initial ideas.

This approach is modelled on the successful Neighbourhood Strategies process carried out previously in Southey Owlerton.

Aims of the plans

The main purpose of the plans is to secure local ownership of and agreement to the issues, opportunities and key projects that will lead to successful neighbourhoods. The plans are used to guide future investment and service delivery in the area by all the partners.

Completed frameworks

The Brightside Shiregreen Neighbourhood and Area Development Frameworks were completed and received cabinet approval on 16 January 2008.

They include plans, pictures and text setting out where we are now, where we want to get to, and most importantly, how we are going to get there. They are documents that are supported by all the different people and agencies that work, live, and provide services in the area.


A number of projects have been been established following the completion of the Neighbourhood Strategies, such as the Journeys to Hidden Places project and Shiregreen street scene.

If you would be interested in being involved in the development of the projects that will come from the Neighbourhood Strategies for Brightside Shiregreen then please contact the Regeneration Team on 0114 2039568.

We will take your details and ensure that you receive the latest information and dates of any meetings or events relating to the project.