Make an application for works to trees

Trees in conservation areas

Trees in conservation areas

If you want to carry out works to trees in a conservation area, you must give us six weeks' notice of your intention to do these works. You must not start work within that six-week period unless an exception applies. 

We will let you know the six-week expiry date.

Find out if a tree is in a conservation area

To find out if a tree is protected by Tree Preservation Order (TPO), or is within a conservation area, please use the map below. As new TPO’s may not yet have been updated on the map, contact us if you are in any doubt.

Works that require a notice

Apart from limited exceptions, our written consent is required before carrying out works to trees within a conservation area. This includes removal of the tree, lopping and topping of live branches, the uprooting of trees, or severance of the roots.

If you remove or work on trees without having served notice, you may be prosecuted.


An exception may exempt landowners from the normal requirements to seek consent from us before carrying out works to protected trees.

A full list of exceptions can be found within government guidance GOV.UK: Tree Preservation Orders and Trees in Conservation Areas.

How to give notice

You can give us notice of works to trees within a conservation area by using the same form as for a TPO application.

Alternatively, notice can be submitted by letter:

Plans Admin
4th Floor South
Howden House
S1 2SH

Or through

The notice can be brief, but must include:

  • the date the notice is submitted
  • sufficient detail to identify the tree in question (such as address, position of tree in the garden and the type of tree – a plan is not mandatory but may be helpful)
  • a clear specification of work – we strongly recommend seeking assistance from an arborist to create this

There is no requirement to submit the reason why you wish to do the work, although it may be helpful to do so.

What happens if you carry out works without giving notice

You're guilty of an offence if you cut down, uproot, top, lop, deliberately destroy or damage a tree in a conservation area and no exception applies.

You could be prosecuted for offences in respect of each tree. If a tree is destroyed, then you may be liable to an unlimited fine upon conviction. You could also be fined for damaging, but not destroying, a tree.

You would also need to replace any tree removed without permission.

How does the Council respond to notices

We can reply in writing within the 6 week-notice period, stating that there is no objection to the proposed works.

We can elect to not respond within the 6 week-notice period. If the notice period elapses without comment from the Council, you may carry out the proposed work within 2 years of the date of the notice.

If justified, and where the tree has sufficient amenity value, we may seek to protect the tree by placing a Tree Preservation Order on the tree. This prevents the proposed works. We will inform those involved of our intention to do so.  

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