Housing Standards Review

The findings of the Government's Housing Standards Review are to be implemented by all planning authorities from 1 October 2015. The review considered the suitability of the technical standards being used by Local Planning Authorities and proposed a radical reduction in the number of eligible standards.

The review means that, from 1 October 2015, certain policies can only be applied if they are incorporated into a new Local Plan (the Draft Sheffield Plan). Work is currently taking place on this.

Policies affected

Certain student housing is not affected by these changes. The following policies are affected when considering housing applications:

  • UDP H7 Mobility Housing 
  • CS64 Climate Change, Resources and Sustainable Design of Development
  • CS65 Renewable Energy and Carbon Reduction
  • CS74 Design Principles

UDP H7 Mobility Housing

This policy and the associated Supplementary Planning Guidance encourages the incorporation of 25% of homes to be to the Mobility Housing Standard. This can no longer be required.

CS64 Climate Change, Resources & Sustainable Design of Development

This policy requires building performance to the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3. This can no longer be required. However, site-wide design principles relating to sustainability can still be required.

Part D of this policy requires an (unspecified) minimisation of water consumption. This can no longer be required.

CS65 Renewable Energy & Carbon Reduction

Part A of this policy requires that 10% of predicted energy needs for schemes of 5 or more dwellings is provided by renewable or low-carbon energy. This can still be required.

Part B requires 20% carbon reduction, but this is no longer required as the Building Regulations is at a higher standard than current planning policy and a further reduction would adversely affect viability.

CS74 Design Principles

This requires site-wide safety and security design principles to be adopted. This can still be required.

It also requires development to enable all people to gain access safely and conveniently, providing, in particular, for the needs of families and children and of disabled and older people. This can still be required outside the curtilage of dwellings.

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