Well Meadow Conservation Area

Well Meadow Conservation Area is situated approximately 1km to the west of the city centre. The boundary of the area is not simply defined by street pattern like other conservation areas. 

This is partly due to 20th Century industrial uses, unsympathetic infill development and the complicated topography of the area which have all influenced the growth of the area.

The southern most section of the boundary runs along part of Broad Lane taking in the historic cobbles, while the most north eastern boundary runs along the Inner Ring Road.

To the north west the area rises steeply up Brocco Street and continues along the middle section of Solly Street taking in historic buildings such as St Vincent's Church.

Up until the late 19th Century the area was predominantly housing and small industry, most importantly buildings associated with the metal trades industry, but slum clearance and changing land uses have led to more warehouse and general industry uses throughout the 20th Century. 

The area is very much like the adjoining Furnace Hill Conservation Area in its land use and history.

Some of the features that make up the character and importance as a conservation area are as follows: 

  • important area in the City with strong links to Sheffield's Metal Trades, in particular the cutlery industry and associated specialisms
  • 18th Century street patterns reflecting the original field enclosures which developed as Sheffield's population grew, particularly around the 'Crofts'
  • landmark buildings such as St Vincent's Church on Solly Street, evidence of the communities which used to live in the area
  • several important metal trade buildings, most significantly 35 Well Meadow Street listed at Grade II*
  • listed buildings on Garden Street, evidence of small metal trade buildings with associated courtyards
  • stone kerbstones and setts
  • important views in and out of the area due to changing topography

Date of designation

The Well Meadow Street Conservation Area was designated on 17 October 2005.

Conservation Area Appraisal

An Appraisal of the area was undertaken over several months in 2004.

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