Brightholmlee Conservation Area

Brightholmlee Conservation Area is a rural hamlet in north-western Sheffield on rising moorland approximately 11km from the city centre and 1km west of Wharncliffe. This is a mainly rural area of Sheffield lying just outside the Peak National Park.

The upper slopes of the valley are heavily wooded on the western side, with several nature reserves, whilst the eastern side has numerous moorland farms and hamlets, of which Brightholmlee is one.

The special interest that justifies the designation of the Conservation Area derives from the following features:

  • exceptional group value as an attractive group of farmhouses, barns, stables and cottages, of which almost all are at least 150 years old and some dating from the 17th Century
  • a number of fine traditional buildings that remain in their original form as a reminder of pre-industrial Sheffield
  • visual continuity with the surrounding area from the use of gritstone rubble as a building material on the barns, walls and field boundaries
  • wide views in every direction
  • rural tranquillity

Date of designation

Brightholmlee Conservation Area was designated on 5 January 1977.

Conservation Area Appraisal

After a period of public consultation we have adopted the Conservation Area Appraisal and the accompanying Management Proposals for Brightholmlee on 27 March 2007. This means that they are now a material consideration in the determination of relevant planning applications in the area.

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