Beauchief Abbey Conservation Area

The Beauchief Abbey Conservation Area is situated approximately 5km from the City Centre in the south eastern outskirts. The Conservation Area is made up of 2 distinct sub-areas. 

The first part on the eastern side of Beauchief Abbey Lane contains several listed buildings including the Grade II* listed Church of St Thomas a Beckett (known as Beauchief Abbey).

The part west of Beauchief Abbey Lane is smaller and contains a group of both historic and modern houses which stretch down to Abbey Brook.

There are various special elements that justify the designation of the Conservation Area. These include:

  • remains of Beauchief Abbey
  • Church of St Thomas a Beckett listed at Grade II*
  • a collection of listed historic buildings surrounding the former Abbey
  • a group of ponds and mature vegetation
  • Abbey Brook
  • a prevalent use of stone as building material and historic stone kerbs, paving and gate piers along Beauchief Abbey Lane
  • views to the Peak District

Date of designation

Beauchief Abbey Conservation Area was originally designated on 18 December 1969.

Conservation Area Appraisal

After a period of public consultation, the Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Proposals were adopted on 19 March 2007. These now exist as material considerations when determining any planning application in the area.

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