Rose Garden Cafe Closure

The Rose Garden Café in Graves Park was closed on 27 July 2022 following a structural survey highlighting concerns about the building’s structural stability. This page will be used to hold all the information related to this matter including copies of the reports regarding the condition of the building, questions we have been asked about the building and park (including Freedom of Information requests).

We are committed to featuring a café in the park long term. No decision has been made regarding the future of the Rose Garden Café building and we will work in partnership with the community on this. Work is underway to gather the relevant information and costs for every option and we will keep people up to date as the matter progresses. When further decisions are required, they will be taken through formal Committee routes.

Condition Reports

Surveys are undertaken across our estate to enable us to better understand the building condition and prioritise works in line with available funding.

Report 1 was undertaken in October 2018 and Report 2 undertaken in July 2022. Reports 1 and 2 specifically refer to block 9 Rose Garden Café and are extracts from a larger report covering all the buildings within the park. The full reports are available upon request.

Feasibility Study - Structural Inspection

We commissioned a feasibility study and cost report to consider improvements to the café entrance and as part of the feasibility study a structural appraisal was undertaken.

Sheffield City Council Structural Inspection

The purpose of the inspection was to formally record the considerations when deciding it was necessary to temporarily close Rose Garden Café for structural safety reasons.

Independent Structural Inspection

The purpose of the inspection was to seek a second independent opinion via an external structural engineering inspection following the decision to temporarily close the café.

Responses to Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Requests

Published responses to Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Requests relating to the Rose Garden Café can be found on our Open Data Arc GIS site.

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