New parking zones

We are planning to introduce new parking zones in Sheffield, as well as make changes to some current zones.

Our planned new parking zones

We aim to introduce 4 new parking zones.

Kelham and Neepsend

The Kelham Island and Neepsend parking zone will cover the area between:

  • the Inner Ring Road, Rutland Road and the railway line to the north of Neepsend except for Pitsmoor Road, Chatham Street and Swinton Street
  • Bardwell Street, Boyland Lane, Manners Street and the part of Neepsend Lane outside the Cutlery Works will also be in the zone

Consultation on this scheme has now closed and we are analysing the response.

Park Hill

The Park Hill parking zone will cover the area between:

  • the tram tracks, Granville Road including Castle Croft Drive, City Road, Skye Edge Fields, the Manor Oak Estate and Hyde Park. 
  • Donnington Road, Holdings Road, Essex Road, Norfolk Park Road, Park Grange Croft and part of Park Grange Road will also be in the zone

St Vincent’s

The St Vincent’s parking zone will cover the area between:

  • Hoyle Street, Netherthorpe Road, Broad Lane, Tenter Street, Gibraltar Street and Penistone Road
  • St Georges and Edward Street Flats parking schemes will be included in the zone

Effingham Road

The Effingham Road parking scheme will cover:

  • Bernard Road, Blast Lane, Cadman Street, Canal Street
  • Effingham Lane, Effingham Road, Effingham Street
  • Foley Street, Furnival Road, Leveson Street, North Quay Drive
  • Sussex Road, Sussex Street and Wharf Street

Changes to current parking zones

Parking demand has changed over time and we plan to review four existing areas to see what changes are needed to make them work better. 

  • Broomhall
  • Hillsborough
  • Highfield 
  • Crookesmoor

Why we want to introduce new parking zones

Streets close to the city centre are popular for long stay commuter parking because it is free. This makes it difficult for customers of local businesses and residents to park. 

By restricting parking to permit holders or pay and display tickets, we want to encourage commuters to park elsewhere. We have chosen these new zones to try and make sure that people will not move to another road and cause problems there.

How parking zones work

A controlled parking zone restricts parking to permit holders or people who buy a parking ticket. Kerbside spaces are marked as parking pays and there are signs that display the times and days that restrictions are in place. Everywhere else would be covered by a double yellow line.

People can use a parking bay without any charge for up to 20 minutes provided they display a free parking ticket from a ticket machine.

Blue Badge holders can park in any pay and display bay or limited waiting bay for free and without a time limit. The badge must be clearly on display.

For answers to some common questions about parking zones please see the frequently asked questions.

Tell us what you think

Residents and businesses will receive a leaflet when our consultation starts. It will tell you where you can find plans showing the proposed location of new parking bays and double yellow lines. It will also tell you how you can make formal comments or object. If you would like to give us feedback before the consultation starts you can email

From the feedback and information we gather, we might change what streets are covered or the cost of parking.

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