Music and film collection

Our music collection includes chart, pop, world music, jazz and classical CDs. Our film collection includes the latest blockbuster films, classic films, world cinema, documentaries and instructional DVDs.

If you’re over 16 years old you can borrow up to 5 CDs and 5 DVDs.  

Costs per item for 3 weeks

  • CDs – 50p
  • DVDs – £1

Instructional DVDs are free to borrow for 3 weeks and if you are visually impaired you may borrow CDs and DVDs free of charge.

Learn about music

Our Library Catalogue includes musicians’ biographies, discographies, genre guides and instrument guides. You can also read music reference books in the Central Library.

You can view current copies of the following printed music magazines or request recent back issues:

  • Gramophone
  • New Musical Express (NME)

From our eLibrary you can read and download music magazines such as:

  • BBC Music
  • Kerrang!
  • Guitar Player
  • Rhythm

Learn to play music

Are you an absolute beginner or an advanced musician wanting to develop? You can use the Library Catalogue to borrow a wide range of instruction books and DVDs for a variety of musical instruments.

You can also find local music tutors on Sheffield Directory.

Search for a song

If you’re looking for a particular song or need the sheet music, you may find it in our song collections in the Library Catalogue, which include popular guitar, folk and classical.

Orchestral and vocal sets 

Stock is available from both Sheffield Libraries and Leeds Music and Performing Arts Library. Please review our list of vocal music sets to see if the music you want is stocked by Sheffield Libraries. If the music is not listed, please check availability with the Leeds Music and Performing Arts Library by email at

If the music you require is stocked by Sheffield Libraries or Leeds Music and Performing Arts Library, please make a request using the online form.

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