The results for the Parliamentary Election (General Election) on 12 December 2019.

Penistone and stocksbridge

The results for the Penistone and Stocksbridge constituency.

Elected: Miriam Joy Cates, Conservative Party
Electorate: 70,925
Turnout: 70.03%
Spoiled Ballots: 149

Name Party Number of votes
Francyne Edith Johnson Labour Party
Hannah Ruth Kitching
Liberal Democrats 5,054
John Charles Booker
Brexit Party 4,300
Miriam Joy Cates
Conservative Party 23,688 (Elected)

Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough

The results for the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough constituency.

Elected: Gill Furniss, Labour Party
Electorate: 69,333
Turnout: 57.29%
Spoiled Ballots: 122

Name Party Number of votes
Christine Gilligan Kubo Green Party 1,179
Gill Furniss Labour Party 22,369 (Elected)
Hannah Juliette Westropp Conservative Party 10,095
Johnny Johnson Brexit Party 3,855
Shane Harper UK Independence Party 585
Stephen Neil Porter Liberal Democrats 1,517

Sheffield Central

The results for the Sheffield Central constituency.

Elected: Paul Blomfield, Labour Party
Electorate: 89,849
Turnout: 56.92%
Spoiled ballots: 233

Name Party Number of votes
Alison Clare Teal Green Party 4,570
Barry Edmund Jones Independent 30
Chris Marsden Socialist Equality Party 28
Colin Arthur Ross Liberal Democrats 3,237
Jack Patrick Carrington Yorkshire Party 416
Janice Silvester-Hall Conservative Party 6,695
Paul Christopher Blomfield Labour Party 33,968 (Elected)
Paul John Ward Brexit Party 1,969

Sheffield Hallam

The results for the Sheffield Hallam constituency.

Elected: Olivia Blake, Labour Party
Electorate: 72,763
Turnout: 78.38%
Spoiled Ballots: 150

Name Party Number of votes
Elizabeth Jane Aspden Independent 123
Ian Geoffrey Walker Conservative Party 14,696
Laura Gordon Liberal Democrats 18,997
Michael Joseph Virgo UK Independence Party 168
Natalie Kay Marie Thomas Green Party 1,630
Olivia Frances Blake Labour Party 19,709 (Elected)
Terence Alan McHale Brexit Party 1,562

Sheffield Heeley

The results for the Sheffield Heeley constituency.

Elected: Louise Haigh, Labour Party
Electorate: 66,940
Turnout: 63.98%
Spoiled Ballots: 132

Name Party Number of votes
Gordon Christopher Gregory Conservative Party 12,955
Louise Haigh Labour Party 21,475 (Elected)
Paul Christopher Turpin Green Party 1,811
Simon William Clement-Jones Liberal Democrats 2,916
Tracy Selina Knowles Brexit Party 3,538

Sheffield South East

The results for the Sheffield South East constituency.

Elected: Clive Betts, Labour Party
Electorate: 67,832
Turnout: 62.13%
Spoiled Ballots: 146

Name Party Number of votes
Alex Martin Yorkshire Party 966
Clive James Charles Betts Labour Party 19,359 (E)
Kirk Lewis Kus Brexit Party 4,478
Marc Leslie Bayliss Conservative Party 15,070
Rajin Chowdhury Liberal Democrats 2,125

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