We want to support people switching to electric vehicles. To do this we want to increase the number of electric vehicle (EV) charge points in the city to give residents and visitors greater confidence in using electric vehicles.

There are a variety of available options for charging your vehicle.

Using electric vehicle chargers

You can find more information about charging electric vehicles and what types of charger to use from the Energy Savings Trust.

Public EV charging

There are already public electric vehicle charge points available in Sheffield.

New Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle rapid chargers

Thanks to government funding we are going to provide 22 rapid chargers for electric vehicles. These chargers will enable a fully electric vehicle to charge to approximately 80% of its battery capacity in 20 to 30 minutes.

Of the 22 chargers being installed, 10 will be for the exclusive use of Hackney carriage taxis and private hire vehicles. The remaining 12 chargers will be for the general public as well as taxi and private hire drivers.

These chargers will help support the role out of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) and ULEV Taxis in Sheffield. We have received funding for these chargers from the Early Measures Fund, the Government’s Joint Air Quality Unit and the Ultra Low Emission Taxi Infrastructure Scheme from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles.

Charging your vehicle at home

If you have access to off street parking at home and wish to install a private EV charge point on your property, information about home charging unit suppliers and grant funding can be found on the Governments’ Office for Low Emission Vehicles website.

Guidance on planning requirements can be found on our Planning Portal.

Due to health and safety concerns you must have off street parking to install a home EV charge point.

We aware of on street trials in other local authorities and continue to monitor the position nationally as plans for EV charging are developed.

Free parking for ULEV drivers

Drivers of electric vehicles can benefit from the green parking permit scheme which allows drivers of low emission vehicles to park for free in the city centre.

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