If you're expecting a baby or have children under 5 years old, you can access a range of support and services at your local family centre (previously known as children's centres).

You can attend any event at any family centre.

There are 7 centres which, together with their outreach sites, cover all areas of Sheffield:

  • Early Days Family Centre
  • First Start Family Centre
  • Darnall Family Centre
  • Shortbrook Family Centre
  • Valley Park Family Centre
  • Sharrow Family Centre
  • Primrose Family Centre

What's on varies according to the needs of the local community but typically you can come to:

  • preparation for parenthood groups
  • health support and clinics run by Midwives and Health Visitors
  • toddler groups
  • fun learning activities with your family

You can get help and support with:

  • getting into training and work
  • information and advice about feeding your baby, healthy eating for your family, active lifestyles, 2 year old dental care, home safety etc.
  • free and low cost healthy start vitamins
  • registering your child’s birth (by appointment at selected centres only)

Contact the Family Centre Service