Sheffield’s Family Centres and Early Years Services are committed to enabling and supporting expectant parents, babies, children and their families to have a great start in life by providing services as early as possible.

You can attend any event at any family centre.

There are 7 centres which, together with their outreach sites, cover all areas of Sheffield:

  • Early Days Family Centre
  • First Start Family Centre
  • Darnall Family Centre
  • Shortbrook Family Centre
  • Valley Park Family Centre
  • Sharrow Family Centre
  • Primrose Family Centre

There are a range of free regular activities delivered by Sheffield Family Centres. What's on varies according to the needs of the local community but typically you can come to.

  • breastfeeding groups and drop ins - come along for support, information and advice around all aspects of breastfeeding. Also a great place to meet other new parents and their babies
  • baby groups - a fun and relaxing environment where you can explore and learn together with your baby
  • toddler groups - a fun and exciting environment for children and their families to learn explore and develop new skills together

These activities are a great way to meet other parents and families and enjoy spending time with your child.

As well as our regular activities we also offer a range of workshops or advice sessions which have a specific focus on supporting different aspects of family life and child development. 

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