Support and advice for families

Raising a family is the most important job anyone can do. It has amazing rewards but it can also be very challenging. At some point you may need some extra help.

Every year, Multi Agency Support Teams (MAST) support thousands of families by delivering parenting programmes, whole family key worker support and through health and play based activity in our Family Centres. 

New baby

Your local Family Centre can help with:

  • midwife and health visitor drop-ins
  • new parenting skills and courses
  • baby massage
  • stay and play and childcare

Family crisis

We can give you support during difficult times such as separating from your partner or family stresses by:

  • finding the right help and services for you
  • making appointments and attending these with you
  • helping you find solutions in times of crisis
  • supporting victims of violence or abuse in the home
  • helping your family be happier and healthier

Behaviour and parenting skills

We can work with your family when there are difficulties in managing your child's behaviour and to help build closer relationships. You can learn new skills to help you:

  • build parenting confidence
  • find ways to encourage better behaviour in children
  • deal with anger management or family conflict
  • cope with stress

Problems at school

We can help improve your child’s attendance and performance at school by:

  • working with children in school to improve attendance
  • helping with anger management or conflict by working with your family
  • helping you get your child to go to school and on time
  • supporting your child when moving schools

Find local services

MAST can support you by helping find out what services are available to:

  • help you to understand and complete forms
  • support you to make appointments and attend them with you
  • find other services in the area that can support and advise you

Employment and training

We can help you consider your options around employment, education and training, understanding your benefits and exploring childcare options.

Parenting programmes

We offer a range of parenting support covering all age groups from newborns through to teenagers.

This ranges from individual seminars on specific topics which parents can drop into without booking to discussion groups and programmes. We also provide programmes for parents with specific and complex needs.

All programmes are evidence based with the majority of the delivery taking place in a group setting. There are a range of parenting seminars available to families. See our 'Positive parenting' page for more information.

Sheffield Family Centres

Find your local Family Centre and see what events and activities are available.

Case Studies - support for families

Family breakdown

I needed help. My children were missing school because of my housing, health and money problems since I left my violent ex.

My family worker really listened to me and understood what my family needed. They helped me get housing advice and arranged for me to attend a training course. This has given me more confidence and I’m enjoying my training and hope to get a job in the future.

My children are now doing really well at school and home life is a lot better. I wish I’d got in touch sooner.

Mum of 4 young children, Sheffield.

Early years

We needed help. Our 2 year old cried a lot and had problems sleeping. I was always tired and felt depressed. We didn’t know what to do.

Our family worker was fantastic - she really understood what we needed. The weekly visits helped me learn new parenting skills and she told me about the children’s centre.

The health support I got there has helped all our family. I still go to play and stay sessions and have a much better relationship with my children. They are now sleeping much better and I feel less tired. We now feel positive about the future.

Mum and dad of girls aged 4 and 2, Sheffield.

School attendance

I needed help. It was hard work getting my 14 year old to go to school and he was behaving badly at home. I didn’t know what to do.

The support we both got from our family worker really helped. She helped my son in school and at home. She gave us support to manage his anger and got him going to after school activities.

We both now understand how important going to school is. He’s now happier and better behaved and it’s easier to get him to go to school. I wish I’d got in touch sooner.

Mum of 14 and 9 year old boys, Sheffield.

Health and wellbeing

We needed help. We couldn’t control our 8 year old's behaviour, he was very moody and he was getting worse. We didn’t know what to do.

Our family worker helped us get the right health services and we found out that our son has an attention disorder (ADHD). She helped us get on a parenting programme with other parents like us.

Taking part in this really helped us to understand and manage his behaviour better. Now we know what the problem is our family is getting lots of other help to support us.

Mum and dad of an 8 year old, Sheffield.

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