The Government’s Localism Act offers rights and powers for communities. This includes Neighbourhood Planning where a community can come together and produce a plan to shape how their local area should develop and grow. For example, your local community have the opportunity to:

  • say where you think new houses, businesses and shops should be built
  • have a say on what buildings should look like
  • grant planning permission for new developments that you want to see go ahead with the specific creation of Neighbourhood Development Orders

Five neighbourhood areas have been designated in Sheffield at Stocksbridge, Dore, BBEST (Broomhill, Broomfield, Endcliffe, Summerfield and Tapton), Kelham Island and Neepsend, and Ecclesfield. 

To be involved in the content and consultation, please contact the individual groups. The map illustrates designated and proposed (none currently proposed) neighbourhood areas in Sheffield.

Neighbourhood Planning cannot be used to block the building of homes and businesses considered to be necessary to meet the city’s current and future needs. However, you can use it to influence the type, design, location and mix of new development. Neighbourhood Planning can involve producing any of the following:

  • Neighbourhood Development Plan - a plan will establish the vision and planning policies for the use and development of land in your neighbourhood. Once adopted it would be used alongside the National Planning Policy Framework and the Sheffield Plan when deciding planning applications
  • Neighbourhood Development Order - allows the community to grant planning permission for certain types of new developments within a neighbourhood area
  • Community Right to Build Order - gives communities the power to develop local, often small scale, developments where they want them

These are all subject to an independent examination and a local referendum before they can be adopted. 

Neighbourhood Planning is led by the local community. A Neighbourhood Development Plan and/or Neighbourhood Development Order can be prepared by:

  • Stocksbridge Town Council
  • Ecclesfield Parish Council
  • Bradfield Parish Council

Where there is no Parish or Town Council, a Neighbourhood Forum can lead on coordinating neighbourhood planning in your area. This could be an existing community organisation or a new group, but to be established it would need to meet certain criteria, and the Neighbourhood Forum and neighbourhood area boundary will need to be approved by us to ensure they meet government regulations.

A Community Right to Build Order is a special type of Neighbourhood Development Order and can be created by any local community organisation provided they meet certain criteria. If you are thinking of neighbourhood planning for your community please contact us before submitting any application.

Neighbourhood Planning and the Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) allows local authorities to set charges which developers must pay when bringing forward new development in order to contribute to new or enhanced services and infrastructure. Some of the money gained via the CIL will be passed onto local communities. This is known as ‘local CIL’ or the ‘neighbourhood portion’. You can read more about this in our briefing note.

Current Applications for Designation

  • There are no current applications.

Current Neighbourhood Plan Submissions

  • Following conclusion of a six week Regulation 16 publication of the Dore Neighbourhood Plan on 26 October 2020, we have appointed Mr Nigel McGurk (BSc (Hons) MCD MBA MRTPI) as independent examiner.

    Please see Dore Neighbourhood Plan for full details.

Kelham Island and Neepsend Neighbourhood Plan

Broomhill, Broomfield, Endcliffe, Summerfield and Tapton Neighbourhood Plan

Dore Neighbourhood Plan

Stocksbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Ecclesfield Parish Neighbourhood Plan

  • The Ecclesfield Parish Neighbourhood area proposed by Ecclesfield Parish Council has been designated.

    A map of the area is available below.

    If you want further information about the Ecclesfield Parish Neighbourhood Plan please visit the Ecclesfield Parish Council website, or contact the parish clerk.

    Email, telephone 0114 2845095 or write to: 

    Ecclesfield Parish Council
    Council Offices
    Mortomley Lane
    S35 3HS

Contact Neighbourhood Planning

Howden House 1 Union Street Sheffield S1 2SH