You will need a licence if you want to run a camping or camping site. Before applying you must ensure that you have planning permission to use the land as a caravan site.

Licences will not be issued to applicants who have had a site licence revoked within three years of the current application.

Costs for an application can vary, you should contact us to discuss your application before submission.

Further information about caravan and camping site licences

Application Evaluation Process

You must apply to the council where your site will be based.

Applications should:

Detail the land the application relates to and  any other information required by us.

A decision will be made within 6 weeks. Within that time period, we will consult with the Fire Service.

How we will notify you/timescales

We aim to provide you with a decision within 6 weeks.

We will inform you of this in writing if we expect it to take longer..


You can appeal to the Magistrates Court against a condition attached to a licence. You should do this within 28 days. Please contact us first.

We may alter conditions on your licence at any time.

If you disagree with any alterations, you can also appeal to the Magistrates' Court within 28 days. A notice of appeal must also be served on us

Complaints and Feedback

You can register a complaint about standards on any touring, static holiday or a residential caravan site in Sheffield. Please contact us (licensing)

Terms and conditions

A site licence is required in respect of any land on which a caravan is stationed for the purposes of human habitation and for land used in conjunction with it.

A site licence will not be required for:

  • Use within curtilage of a dwelling house
  • Use by a person travelling with a caravan for one or two nights
  • Use of holdings of five acres or more in certain circumstances
  • Sites occupied and supervised by exempted organisations
  • Sites approved by exempted organisations
  • Meetings organised by exempted organisations
  • Agricultural and forestry workers
  • Building and engineering sites
  • Travelling showmen

Conditions may be attached to a licence to cover any of the following:

  • restricting when caravans can be on the site for human habitation or restricting the number of caravans that can be on the site at any one time
  • controlling the types of caravans on the site
  • controlling the positioning of the caravans or regulating the use of other structures and vehicles including tents
  • to ensure steps are taken enhance the land, including planting/replanting bushes and trees
  • fire safety and fire fighting controls
  • to ensure that sanitary and other facilities, services and equipment are supplied and maintained

The conditions attached to a site licence will normally relate to the internal arrangement of the site and its facilities, but a licence may not be granted unless the site also has the benefit of planning permission.

Licences issued will not be time limited, however, if your site only has the benefit of a temporary planning permission, the site licence will expire on the same date.

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