To give notice you need to live in Sheffield and be a British citizen. If you do not meet this criteria please contact us by phone.

Giving notice means making a declaration that you are both free to marry or enter into a civil partnership and fulfil other requirements prescribed by law. We recommend giving 6 months’ notice before your wedding date, though you are legally able to do this up to one year before the date. You need to ensure that you have given notice at least 28 days before the date.


There is a fee to give your notice of marriage:

  • Monday to Friday, £35 each
  • Saturday (limited availability), £50 each

This fee is payable when you book your appointment.

Proof of name, address, marital status and nationality

You will need to bring:

  • a valid passport for proof of your name, age and nationality
  • your driving license, a utility bill dated within the last 3 months or a bank statement dated within a month for proof of your address. These must include either your full name or at least initial

Proof that a previous marriage or civil partnership has ended

  • decree absolute of divorce/dissolution
  • death certificate of former husband, wife or civil partner

We must be able to link the document to you. A Decree NISI of Divorce is not acceptable. If the document is in another language, we will need a translation into English.

Change of name

If you have changed your name by deed poll or statutory declaration you will need to provide those documents.

Notice of intention to marry/civil partnership

Submitting notice of intention

You will need to give legal notice of your intended marriage/civil partnership in the district/s in which you both live. This will require each of you to attend your local registration office. You must submit notice of intention at least 28 clear days before your ceremony. Once the 28 days have passed and the notice is approved, it is valid for up to 12 months from the date you submitted.

A couple must give formal notice of intention to the local register office, even if they intend to marry or hold their civil partnership somewhere else. They can only do this once they have lived in the area for at least eight days. Each of them must give this notice in person. The notice must include where the couple wish to marry or hold their civil partnership. The notice must also include a written declaration stating the following:

  • that he/she believes that there is no legal reason why the civil partnership cannot be formed
  • that the persons have lived for the previous seven clear days in the local register office's area

How much does submitting a notice cost?

Do you pay council tax to, and have lived within, the East Riding for at least 8 days?

  • If the answer is yes it will cost £35 per person to the local office you are giving notice to.
  • If the answer is no it will cost £35 per person to your own local register office for the district you pay your council tax to.

Any Foreign national: Can contact our office and we can advise them according to their personal situation.

At the appointment for giving notice you will need to bring a number of documents in order for you to submit your notice:

  1. Proof of identity
    • A valid British passport or: Birth Certificate*
  2. Proof of address
    • Valid driving licence in the present name and address of the person giving notice.
    • Utility bill dated no more than three months but, no less than 7 days before the date of the notice appointment.
    • Bank or building society statement or passbook dated no more than one month and no less than 7 days before the date of the notice appointment
    • Council tax bill dated no more than one year before the date of the notice appointment
    • Mortgage statement dated no more than one year before the date of notice
    • Current residential tenancy agreement dated within one year of the date of the notice appointment
  3. The notice fee of £35.00 each person. This may be paid in cash or credit or debit card, the fee is payable when you book your appointment.
  4. And, if applicable:
    • Death Certificate of last wife/husband/civil partner
    • Decree Absolute from last divorce, together with a certified translation if in a foreign language (this may need a linking document if the name does not match the name you are using now), this is usually a marriage certificate.
    • Dissolution Order from a previous civil partnership
    • Proof of any name change. If you have changed your name by a deed poll that has been registered with the Royal Courts of Justice or by statutory declaration you must produce original documents to confirm this (photocopies cannot be accepted)

In addition to bringing a birth certificate as proof of ID

If you were born after 1982 and do not hold a valid British passport, you will need to bring your full birth certificate and your mother's birth certificate, plus one of the above documents for proof of identity. If you have had any name changes throughout your life since your birth entry then documentary evidence to link the name changes will be required.

After submitting a notice of intention

Once the couple have given their notices, the register office must display some information about the couple for 28 days. The formation cannot proceed until the 28 day waiting period has passed for each of the notices. This is to allow any person to make an objection. The paperwork is then valid for a year from the date the first notice was given. If you decide to change the date of your ceremony, as long as this is agreeable to the registrars and the venue and is within the year timescale there should be no problem. If you decide to change venue after you have given notice then you will need to give a fresh notice and pay the fees again for doing so.

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