Sheffield Children's University

Sheffield Children’s University (CU) encourages children to learn outside of school hours. 

Children who attend schools in Sheffield can:

  • earn credits at subscribed schools or at Learning Destinations across the city
  • achieve awards, certificates and badges 
  • attend special award ceremonies in schools and prestigious Sheffield venues


Join Sheffield Children's University

  • buy a Passport to Learning for £3.50, available from libraries
  • children can earn credits with the Passport to Learning at approved learning destinations
  • you do not have to register the Passport to Learning


Membership for home-educated children

Parents of home educated children who live within the Sheffield boundary must:

  • buy a Passport to Learning for £3.50,
  • complete a membership pack,
  • pay an annual fee of £35 (siblings £20)

How the Children's University can benefit your child

Sheffield Research shows that children who take part in CU activities:

  • do better at school
  • achieve higher results in SATs and GCSEs
  • exceed expected results
  • make more progress than other children

They also tend to have more:

  • confidence
  • motivation, and
  • higher self esteem