What to do if you have difficulty paying Council Tax

Changes to our IT systems may cause delays in processing changes to Council Tax accounts, requests for Council Tax support and hardship schemes.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues, we all face the challenge of responding to the impact it’s having on our lives. We are here to support you through these difficult and unprecedented times. 

If you're having difficulty paying your bill we may be able to help you.

Request a payment arrangement

If you cannot afford to pay your instalment or you miss your first payment, we can:

  • recalculate your bill to include your missed payment with your remaining payments
  • give you up to March 2023 to pay

Please email council.tax@sheffield.gov.uk with your name, account number, contact details and your repayment proposal. 

Claim benefits and allowances 

If you're on a low income you may be able to apply for:

  • Council Tax Support
  • Council Tax Hardship Scheme (if you're in receipt of Council Tax Support but you are still unable to make payments)

Help for working age households on a low income

The Government has set up a Council Tax Covid-19 Hardship Fund for households in receipt of Council Tax Support. This fund will give households up to £150 towards their 2020-21 Council Tax bill. We will award this automatically so there is no need for you to apply.

If you qualify, we will send you a letter to say we have made the award and we will send you a reduced bill.

Your bill will tell you how much to pay each month. If you pay by Direct Debit your payments will start from September and will be taken on your normal day of the month.

If you still need help after receiving the £150 you can still apply for extra help from our Council Tax Hardship Scheme.

If you have lost your job or have to take time off work and you do not get paid

You might be entitled to claim benefits. Check if you are entitled to claim Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit to top up your income.

Contact Council Tax

PO Box 1310
Howden House
1 Union Street
S1 2SH
0114 273 6633
Monday to Friday
8:30am to 5:30pm

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Is this page helpful?