Keeping mobility scooters in flats and maisonettes

If you use a mobility scooter and live in a Council flat or maisonette, you need our permission to store it on our property.

We have strict rules about how mobility scooters are maintained and stored to ensure the safety of all our tenants.

Please contact us before you get a mobility scooter so we can look at the storage options available at your block and avoid any unnecessary expenses.

What to know before getting a mobility scooter

Here’s what you need to know before getting a mobility scooter:

  • we grant permission on a first come, first served basis and can withdraw it at any time
  • the maximum scooter size we allow is 122cm long and 59cm wide. We will not give permission for anything bigger
  • we prefer scooters to be stored inside your flat – the most secure option and one that keeps communal areas free of potential hazards
  • we can’t grant permission for a scooter if there are no suitable internal or external spaces to store it
  • we recommend you take out appropriate insurance for your scooter, including public liability cover. We cannot accept liability for loss, damage or injury

Using and storing scooters in communal areas or outdoors:

  • you will need permission to store a scooter in any external or internal communal area – if you don’t succeed, you may have to dispose of the scooter at your own cost
  • you must not charge the scooter in communal areas – either charge it inside your own property or remove the battery and charge that inside your flat
  • if you get permission to store your scooter in the communal hallway, you must remove the battery and store it in your flat when the scooter is not in use
  • you must be able to get your scooter through all communal doors and those that lead to your home without causing any damage
  • not all blocks of flats and maisonettes have suitable inside space to store a scooter. If we allow outside storage, we will provide a storage facility with charging point but this would incur a cost to the tenant for the pod itself, electricity supply and any repairs needed, as well as the ongoing electricity costs to charge the scooter

Applying for permission to store a scooter

Complete the application form to tell us where you plan to store your mobility scooter. Email your completed application form to RepairsPolicy& We will then review your application.

We grant permission for the address, not the person, so if you move you may have to re-apply.

Contact Council Housing Service

Housing and Neighbourhood Service
PO Box 5967
S2 9GH
0114 293 0000
Monday to Friday
8am to 5:30pm