Hanover Tower cladding

We have now removed all of the cladding from the Hanover Tower block in Broomhall. We want to reassure you that we take fire safety very seriously and we are doing everything we can to make sure our residents are safe.

We have taken it off because a part of it failed the Government’s new fire safety test. We have also removed the insulation attached to the building because we are concerned that it could have been damaged when exposed to the weather. 

We have written to all tenants and residents in the tower block to tell them about the works. 

We have also set up a group with tenants to look at the options for replacing the cladding.

A Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out at Hanover Tower and repairs to the building that have been identified from this assessment have been completed. If you would like a copy of the Fire Risk Assessment for Hanover Tower please contact us. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue inspected the Hanover block on 19 June 2017 and are satisfied with the fire protection measures we have in place.

The minutes of the meetings about fire safety that have been held with residents in the Tower are available here.

There are no gas pipes in Hanover block. There are smoke alarms and fire doors giving one hour protection to residents.  

If you are a tenant worried about fire safety in your home you can contact your neighbourhood officer or email us.

Cladding Tests

In July 2017  the Council worked with Sheffield University to carry out independent tests on cladding in 20 council tower blocks in Sheffield. The test confirmed that the cladding is made from solid aluminium, and is safe.

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