Fire risk assessments

A fire risk assessment is a way of checking what fire safety measures are required in a block of flats, and is a legal requirement to evaluate the risk to people from fire. It also enables the responsible person to work out the fire safety measures required. 

When we do fire assessments

A fire risk assessment is done each year for tower blocks and sheltered accommodation. We do them every three years on low rise flats. 

We identity fire hazards, such as sources that could start a fire, fuel it and provide oxygen to help it burn. We also identify people at risk of fire, for example people in and around the buildings and those who are especially at risk.

We weigh up the risk of a fire occurring and the risk to people to try and remove or reduce fire hazards. We also remove and reduce the risks by:

  • detection and warning of fire
  • fire-fighting
  • escape routes from fire
  • lighting
  • signs and notices
  • maintenance and repairs

Please contact us if you would like further information or a copy of the fire risk assessment for your home. 

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