Deed of covenant

When a freehold property is sold through the Right to Buy scheme, a covenant is written into the conveyance that requires all future owners of the property to enter into a Deed of Covenant with Sheffield City Council.

The covenant enables us to charge the owner of the property a ‘freehold service charge’. Although these are not billed at the present time, we have the right to charge them in the future.

This is usually dealt with by a solicitor.

What deed you need to use

There are 2 different covenants depending on the type of original sale deed:

  • Deed of Covenant (clause 5) - Transfer
  • Deed of Covenant (clause 6) - Conveyance

Refer to your original sale deed or land registry title to ensure you use the correct document.


  • the fee for a Deed of Covenant certificate is £50
  • the fee for a Consent to Restriction certificate following a remortgage is £25

Make sure you have paid the right application fee before sending us your document. We will not be able to process your document without payment.

Apply for a Deed of Covenant

Download and complete the correct form then pay the application fee. You can use our guide to help you complete it.

Once you have paid the application fee, send the completed form to along with the date the fee was paid.


You can pay online by credit or debit card. You will need:

  • the house number and postcode for the house the Deed is for
  • credit or debit card

Or you can pay using BACS. Contact for more details.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept payment by cheque.

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