Apply for or renew a chaperone licence

Any child working in entertainment must be cared for by a registered chaperone. The chaperone is responsible for the proper care and control of the child, including their comfort, treatment and moral welfare.

What a chaperone does

A chaperone’s first priority is always the child. They are the key person to whom the child looks to for guidance, protection, clarification and support. At no time should a child perform if unwell. If there are ever serious children protection issues please contact the Police immediately.

Chaperones are there to:

  • protect children
  • secure the health and comfort of the child
  • mediate between the child, the licence holder and the licensing authority
  • advocate on the behalf of the child
  • ensure the performance licence conditions and laws are upheld

You need to apply for a new licence every 3 years. This will be recognised by all local authorities, enabling you to work as a chaperone anywhere in the UK.

If there is any evidence of an offence or a chaperone is found to be unsuitable for any other reason, we have the power to revoke a licence and de-register them.

Disclosure and Barring Scheme (DBS)

If you want to be registered as a Chaperone, we must carry out an enhanced DBS check. DBS checks now do not have a specific length of time attached, therefore we will need to undertake regular checks to ensure the suitability of the people licensed to work with children. 

If you are already registered with the DBS online update service, in order for us to do a DBS check as part of your Chaperone application we will need to see your original DBS certificate which you signed up to the service with, and it will need to be an enhanced disclosure within the parameters of 'child workforce'. 

If you no longer have that certificate or the parameters of the check are not in line with our requirements, we will have to do a new full DBS check.

Applying to become a chaperone

To become a licensed chaperone you will need to:

  • submit an application including two passport style photographs
  • provide two references, one should be your present or previous employer
  • complete our online Chaperone training module
  • attend a short information interview with our team
  • undergo a DBS check, even if you already have a check for your current job role

Your application may take up to 6 weeks to complete.

Applying to renew your chaperone licence

To renew your chaperone licence you will need to:

  • submit a renewal application
  • submit an up to date signed photograph
  • complete our online Chaperone training again
  • complete a new DBS application

If you have signed up to the online checking service, we must see the original DBS certificate. 

It may take up to 6 weeks to process your application. You should make sure you've submitted your renewal application with enough time before your current chaperone licence expires.

Renewal applications need to be made within one month of your current licence expiring or a new application will be need to be made.

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