Apply for a dangerous wild animals licence

The Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976 aims to ensure that where private individuals keep dangerous wild animals they do so in circumstances which create no risk to the public and safeguard the welfare of the animals.

The Act was originally introduced as a private members' bill in response to public concern about the keeping of dangerous pets, especially big cats.

You will require a licence for any animal which appears on the list of animals covered by the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. Please check that the animal that you are considering is listed before applying. 

Licences will only be granted when we are satisfied that it would not be contrary to public interest on the grounds of safety or nuisance; that the applicant is a suitable person; and the animal's accommodation is adequate and secure.

Where a licence is granted this will be for 2 years.

The dangerous wild animals licence fees are:

New licence: £210

Licence renewal: £176

Contact the Licensing Team

0114 273 4264
Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm
Block C
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