Buy or rent small areas of land

You can buy or rent a small piece of land from us. This might be because you want additional space for you home, for example to extend your garden or driveway.

What fees you need to pay

Buying, selling or renting land is a legal process and may include fees such as:

  • declaring the land surplus so it can be sold
  • changing its use (planning permission)
  • publishing statutory notices
  • councillor consultations
Planning permission

If the land you want is currently designated public open space and you want to use it to extend your garden, you will need planning permission for change of use.

Find out what land we own

We only keep records of land and property that we own or have a legal interest in. 

If you want to find out if we own a property or piece of land, you will need to tell us the address including the postcode. If the land you are interested in does not have an address then you will need to describe its location, telling us the nearest address to that piece of land.

If we own the land but have leased it out to someone else, we can tell you we have leased the land but we cannot give you any other details. You would need to apply to the Land Registry for more information.

Privately owned land and property

We do not have any records for privately owned land and property. To find out about these you need to contact the Land Registry. There is a small charge for this information.

Interest from other parties

If we think that a property will be of interest to others we may advertise it or offer it to anyone with adjoining land or property.


You will be responsible for paying our legal and surveyor’s costs. This will be 3% of the sale price with a minimum fee of £1,500. You will also be responsible for any other fees that need paying.


We charge £200 upfront to undertake the valuation. This will be deducted from the legal and surveyor costs if you complete the purchase. You should be aware that the valuation depends on the specific use proposed for the land or property and we may place restrictions on its use as part of the sale agreement.

How to buy or rent land from us

Contact us to ask about buying or renting land from us. You should make it clear where the land is and how much of it you want.

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