Operating on council owned land

You need a licence from us if you want to use our land or property. This might include:

  • using our land temporarily eg as a site compound or storage of building materials
  • access to our land to carry out works to your property
  • holding events, filming and photoshoots

Apply for a licence

There is a non-refundable administrative fee (whether the licence is granted or not) and there may be an additional fee payable for the use of the land under the licence.

Using our parks

If you want to use our parks (including ice cream concessions, events and other uses) contact our Parks & Countryside Services.

Privately owned land and property

We do not have any records for privately owned land and property.  If you want to find out about these you will need to contact the Land Registry and there is a small charge for this information.

Contact Property Services

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Is this page helpful?