Register a stillbirth

When a child is stillborn, the midwife or doctor will issue a medical certificate of stillbirth which is required for registration.


While we are prioritising registering deaths and stillborns, Register Office services have been severely affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The Register office will now contact you to do your registration over the phone rather than in person.

To book an appointment please either email: or call us on 0114 203 9427.

Please be patient, we will contact you as closely as possible to the time that you have booked. 

If the baby was born in Sheffield, please contact us to make an appointment. If the baby was not born in Sheffield, you need to contact the Register Office for the district where the birth took place.

Information needed

In addition to the medical certificate issued by the midwife or doctor, you will need to provide the following information:

  • the date and place of the stillbirth
  • any names the parent(s) wish to give the baby
  • mother’s (and father’s if applicable) full name, place of birth, occupation and usual address
  • mother’s maiden name (if applicable)


Registration is free of charge.

We will give you a certificate of registration of a stillbirth which shows the child’s full name (if given) and date of birth. A stillbirth certificate, which is a certified copy of all the details held in the register, is also available for £11 per copy at the time of registration.

If you need certified copies at a later date, please contact us. A certificate for burial or cremation is required by the funeral director.

Contact Register Office

Town Hall
Pinstone Street
S1 2HH

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Is this page helpful?