Freedom of Information and Environmental Information requests

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 you have the right to request information that we hold. If we hold the information, we will provide it to you, subject to any exemptions that apply. Before making a request check our publication scheme which sets out the information we routinely publish.

How to make a Freedom of Information request

To make a request, complete the form and we will respond within 20 working days. Our response will confirm if we have the information you want and provide a copy of that information or an explanation of why we can’t give it to you.


Requests are free of charge. In exceptional circumstances there may be a cost, for example copying and postage, but these are rare and you will be told in advance if there could be a fee.

Could my request be refused

We can withhold information if it falls within one of a number of exemptions, for example:

  • if the information could prejudice anyone’s health and safety
  • if it would cost too much to comply - we will try to help you narrow down your request, if this exemption applies
  • if it is a request for your own personal data

Check our already published information

We routinely publish our Freedom of Information and Environmental Information requests, along with our data sets. You can search our published requests for information in our disclosure log. You can search our website or check our published data sets and Guide to Information to see what information we routinely publish and where you can find it.

Make a request

When you make a request, you need to provide your name and a contact address (postal or email), so that we can comply with our legal obligations to respond to your request. Your details, the request and response, will be held for three years after the request has closed.

You can make a request online.

Or you can email or write to:

Resources – Business Support
Sheffield City Council
PO Box 1283 
Sheffield S1 1UJ

Read our privacy notice for general details about what we do with your personal information.

What to do if you are dissatisfied with our response

If you are dissatisfied with our response you can ask for an internal review. The review will take into account how your request was managed by us and what decisions we have made. This will determine if we have complied with the law and if we want or need to change our response.

We aim to complete internal reviews within 40 working days.

Taking your case to the Information Commissioner’s Office

If you are still dissatisfied after our internal review, you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office who will consider if your case needs further investigation.

Contact Freedom of Information

Resources - Business Support
Sheffield City Council
PO Box 1283
S1 1UJ

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