Fairness Commission

The Fairness Commission published its report in January 2013 and a copy is available to download below. Copies of the Commission’s report are available in alternative formats on request.

The Fairness Commission had an Annual Review in March 2017. The Annual Review report gives an update on progress in the year since the Commission’s report was published.

Our Fair City Campaign

The Our Fair City campaign has been launched. Everyone can do something to make Sheffield fairer such as making a pledge or becoming a fairness champion.


We want Sheffield to become the fairest city in Britain. To do this many things will need to change – the culture of the city, those who work within it, those who make decisions for it, and most importantly everyone who lives here.

We have a bold vision of: 'A city that is eventually free from damaging disparities in living conditions and life chances, and free from stigmatising discrimination and prejudice, a place in which every citizen and community knows and feels that they will be treated fairly. We aspire to be the fairest city in the country.'

Sheffield Fairness Framework

We have produced the following guidelines to help decision makers and citizens make Sheffield fairer:

  • those in greatest need should take priority
  • those with the most resources should make the biggest contributions
  • the commitment to fairness must be for the long-term
  • the commitment to fairness must be across the whole city
  • preventing inequalities is better than trying to cure them
  • to be seen to act in a fair way as well as acting fairly
  • Civic responsibility – all residents to contribute to making the city fairer and for all citizens to have a say in how the city works
  • an open continuous campaign for fairness in the city
  • fairness must be a matter of balance between different groups, communities and generations in the city
  • the city’s commitment to fairness must be both demonstrated and monitored in an annual report


Our recommendations are deliberately aspirational and set out a clear vision for the city. They are also diverse in nature. Some focus on the short term, others take a longer term view, and some concern issues that are beyond the direct control of the city and will require action by others.

Some of the recommendations focus on things that individuals and communities in the city can do themselves, others will be best tackled by organisations working together across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Next steps

The publication of our report is not the end of the work, but the beginning. It is now up to organisations, communities and individuals to play their part in making Sheffield a fairer city.

Progress against these recommendations will be assessed and made public every year.

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