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When an election is called we issue notices to inform the public that they are taking place. These include the date of the election, information on how to stand as a candidate and where and when you can cast your vote. These notices will be published on this page and at Howden House.

We also issue notices of referendums. These include the referendum question, date of the referendum and when you can cast your vote.

Where a seat on the City Council, or one of the Parish Council's becomes vacant, a notice to announce this, and how to ask for an election, will be posted on this page.

Elections on Thursday 2 May 2024

Elections will be held to elect 1 Councillor in each of Sheffield City Council’s wards on Thursday 2 May. However, in the Firth Park ward, voters will be asked to vote for two candidates following the resignation of Councillor Abtisam Mohamed. 

There will also be an election of a Mayor for the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority on the same day. This election is administered by the Combined Authority Returning Officer. All election notices and information about this election can be found on their website at South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

The Statements of Persons Nominated for the City Council elections are available.

The Notice of Appointment of Agents is available.

The Notices of Poll and Location of Polling Stations for the City Council elections are available. 

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