Corporate Delivery Plan

Our Delivery Plan 2022/23 sets out the urgent performance challenges that we will prioritise for the year ahead to improve services for Sheffielders. It’s about making sure we’re focused and fit for the future.

In July 2022, Members set out their 6 strategic goals for the city. These goals are the focus for the Delivery Plan. They will be the basis for all our future planning to help us become a good council that delivers high quality services for all in Sheffield.

The goals and a description of these are:

  • Fair, inclusive and empowered communities: Sheffielders contribute to and shape the issues that matter to them in their communities and their city
  • Strong and connected neighbourhoods which people are happy to call home: Sheffielders live in clean, vibrant and caring communities where people feel safe and are treated with respect. More people have access to good homes, reliable transport, and the key local amenities they need to live their day-to-day lives
  • Tackling inequalities and supporting people through the cost-of-living crisis: Sheffielders live in a city where inequality and discrimination are actively challenged, respect and diversity are valued and we strive to make our economy and our city work better for everyone
  • Healthy lives and wellbeing for all: Sheffielders all have the opportunity to lead long, healthy, active and happy lives and can connect to the right health and wellbeing support at the right time
  • Clean economic growth: Sheffield seizes on the opportunity for clean, sustainable and inclusive growth and supports an innovative and creative city economy with thriving businesses and good jobs
  • Happy young people who have the start they need for the future they want: young Sheffielders are happy, safe and have the opportunities they need to be fulfilled and reach their potential in a changing world

By 'being a good council' we mean, as an employer and leader in the city, we need to aspire to be an outstanding organisation; a council that all Elected Members, staff and citizens can be proud of.

By delivers 'high quality services for all' we mean Sheffielders in every part of the city can access consistently high-quality council services when and where they need them.

The Delivery Plan is the first step on a four year improvement journey which will make us a better council for citizens, partners and businesses. The Plan targets measurable improvements to services where you have told us that we aren’t meeting expectations or where our own performance data shows that we need to improve.

Focusing on a small number of areas to deliver real improvements to the things that most matter to Sheffielders will give us a platform to build from over the coming years. It will put us in the best position to achieve our goals and ambitions for Sheffield and the people who live, work and visit the city.


The Delivery Plan was agreed by the Strategy and Resources Committee on 30 August 2022. You can view the minutes of the meeting and a recording of the full discussion.

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