Young carer assessment

As a young carer, an assessment is basically your way to tell an adult you trust about the caring you do at home. The adult who works with you on your assessment might be able to help you with everything you need. However, if they can't, they might know other people who can.

Your assessment can be done by any other worker, for example social workers, Family Intervention Workers or someone from school or college. If you have not been offered an assessment and would like one, speak with someone in school or another professional you see often about getting an assessment.

If you’re a professional working with someone you think may be a young carer, you can contact our Multi-Agency Support Teams and we may be able to support you in completing the assessment

The assessment form is designed to:

  • involve the young carer in identifying their own needs and potential solutions
  • reduce the caring responsibilities placed on the young carer and negative impacts of their caring
  • inform your work with the young carer to achieve this

This assessment should be kept by you to inform your own work, drawing in additional support from other agencies where relevant.

Getting ready for the assessment

When you have your assessment your worker will ask questions about:

  • you and your family
  • the things you do as a carer
  • how you feel about being a carer and how it may be affecting your life

Although we don't expect you prepare in advance for the assessment, it would help you to think of all the extra things you do as a carer and in particular the amount of time you spend on each of them.

After the assessment

When the assessment is complete, you and your worker will agree a review date, which is your opportunity to meet again and check that you are getting the help you need.

If you are not happy with the support you get after your assessment, you can ask for an advocate to help you with this.

Young Carers' Action Plan

The current Young Carers Action Plan aims to ensure the six principles of Sheffield's Young Carer, Parent and Adult Carer Strategy are being put into action, and that the views of young carers in Sheffield are being acted upon. 

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